How to Fire a Handgun Correctly and Safely

This blog on How To Fire A Handgun are for both people that have never fired a gun and want to, and also for those that can fire a gun but can’t do it correctly and safely. But I’m beyond any doubt there are a lot of men and women out there who have never fired a weapon. Then you got welcomed to the weapon range by a few buddies. You need to go, but you don’t need to be seen like a moron once you handle the weapon.  You’d like to have an idea of how to fire a gun safely and correctly before you go.

How to Grip a Handgun

Okay, let’s get down to it. How do you hold a handgun?

For tenderfoots (beginners), a two-handed hold is a must.

  1.    The weapon hand (your dominant hand) ought to grasp the weapon tall on the back strap (the back strap is the back of the grasp on the weapon). This gives you more use against the weapon which assist you in controling the draw back after you fire the weapon.

2 . Put your other hand (your non-dominant hand) so that it is squeezed solidly against the uncovered parcel of the hold not secured by the weapon hand. All four fingers of your other hand ought to be beneath the trigger protect with the index finger squeezed difficult underneath it. Here’s an illustrating for us:

3 . Like you did with your dominant hand, you ought to put your  non-dominant hand  as tall as conceivable on the hold with the thumb indicating forward, generally underneath where the slide meets the frame.  See at the back of your hands. There should be a unmistakable fit, just like the fit of a perplex, together with your dominant hand and non-dominant hand ,  illustrating for us:

Assume the Extended Shooting Position

  1. Stand along with your feet and hips bear width separated. Twist your knees marginally.  it’s called an “athletic stance.” It permits you to fire the weapon with steadiness and versatility. Raise the weapon toward your target. Here’s an illustrating for us:

How to Aim a Handgun

  1. Use your dominant eye.

You want to aim with your dominant eye. To figure out which of your eyes is the dominant one, perform a fast eye test by forming a one inch circle along with your thumb and list finger. Hold the circle at arm’s length. See at a far object and see through your circle so that the object shows up within the center of it. Keeping both eyes open, bring your circle toward your confront gradually. Your hand will normally float toward one eye. That’s your  dominant eye

2 . Align your sights. 

 Your handgun incorporates a front sight and a rear sight indent. Point at your target and adjust the best of the front locate so that it lines up with the best of the rear sight. There ought to moreover be break even with sums of purge space on both sides of the front sight.

3 . Set your sight picture.  

The sight picture is the design of your gun’s sights in connection to your target. When you’re pointing a weapon, you’re looking at three objects: the front sight, the rear sight, and your target. In any case, it’s not conceivable to center at the same time on all three objects. One of the objects will definitely be foggy when you’re pointing. After you have a rectify  locate picture, your front and rear sight shows up sharp and clear and your target shows up to be a bit foggy. illustrating for us:

Trigger Management (aka Pulling the Trigger)

To fire a weapon, we frequently utilize the prevalent statement  “pull the trigger.” In any case, to fire a weapon appropriately, you don’t really need to pull the trigger, but rather press it in a controlled mold so you don’t disturb your sights. Here’s a brief and exceptionally essential rundown on legitimate trigger control when terminating a weapon.

1. Press, don’t pull.

Rather than pulling the trigger, press “squeeze” the trigger straight to the rear. Apply steady, expanding remunerate pressure on the trigger until the weapon fires. Guarantee that you’re only applying pressure to the front of the trigger and not the sides.

2. Take the slack out of the trigger.

Press the trigger to the point you begin feeling resistance.

3. Surprise yourself. 

Keep squeezing the trigger straight to the rear until the weapon fires. Don’t expect when the weapon will fire. You sort of need to astonish yourself as to when the weapon really discharges.


And there you go. Presently you’ll be able to go fire a weapon at the weapon range and see like you know what you’re doing. In any case, none of the data in this article can supplant the instruction and supervision of a proficient educators. In case you’ve never terminated a weapon some time recently, we emphatically propose you visit a terminating extend and conversation to an instructor who will walk you through the method.

Have any other tips for the primary time shooter? Share them with us within the comments! Editor’s note: This article is approximately how to fire a weapon securely and accurately. It isn’t a talk about almost  weapon rights or whether weapons are inept or amazing. In case you attempt bringing up that dead horse around here, your comment will be erased. I will appear no benevolence. Keep it on subject, it would be ideal if you.

Special thanks goes out to Me and my team at Lucky Ammo Store for their offer assistance on this article (How To Fire A Handgun). Ammo Firearms Official Handgun Manual were the source of this article. In case you’re ever in Texas, halt by our office. It’s best indent and the staff and coaches are neighborly, learned, and super badass.

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