How To Order Ammunitions

All ammunition are variable products meaning you must select the quantity you want for it to display the price or even add to carts, if you don’t do this the product will not add to carts.

7 steps to place an order

  1. Select the Quantity you want to order
  2. Add to carts and it will take you to the CARTS PAGE
  3. From the CARTS PAGE you will see proceed to Checkout click on it
  4. It will take you to the CHECKOUT PAGE, carefully fill the information required ( Name, Country, State, City, Zipcode, Email, Phone number, etc..)
  5. Also select your preferable payment method you will like to make payment with
  6. Then select (  I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions ) if not the order won’t go through
  7. Lastly Click on PLACE ORDER

After you PLACE THE ORDER  endeavors(make sure) you check your email or phone number for the INVOICE ORDER, and our CUSTOMER SERVICE will dierect you on how to complete your order